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Mexican Coke Fiesta Pack, 12 fl oz Glass Bottles, 12 Pack
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Mexican Coke Fiesta Pack, 12 fl oz Glass Bottles, 12 Pack


The Mexican Coke Fiesta Pack offers a delightful assortment of 12-ounce glass-bottled Coca-Cola, known for its unique and beloved formulation using cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. This 12-pack delivers the authentic taste of Coca-Cola, crafted in Mexico, providing a rich and satisfying flavor profile that harkens back to the classic Coke taste many cherish. Packaged in iconic glass bottles, these sodas not only preserve the freshness and effervescence of the beverage but also bring a vintage charm to every sip. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite meals, this Fiesta Pack ensures an ample supply of the cherished Coca-Cola experience for gatherings, celebrations, or everyday indulgence.

The Mexican Coke Fiesta Pack, featuring 12 12-ounce glass bottles of Coca-Cola, encapsulates the allure of the classic Coke formula made with cane sugar. Each bottle carries the distinct taste and effervescence that have made Mexican Coke a favorite among soda enthusiasts. With its nostalgic glass-bottle packaging and authentic flavor profile, this pack is perfect for sharing with friends and family during festivities or for stocking up your pantry, ensuring you have the genuine Coca-Cola experience at your fingertips whenever you crave its iconic taste.

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