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Minute Maid Watermelon Punch 20oz Bottle 6 Pack
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Minute Maid Watermelon Punch 20oz Bottle 6 Pack


The Louisiana Pantry's offering of Minute Maid Watermelon Punch in a 6-pack of 20-ounce bottles brings a refreshing and unique twist to traditional fruit punches. Each 20-ounce bottle contains Minute Maid's Watermelon Punch, boasting a delightful fusion of sweet watermelon flavor with a tangy punch, creating a refreshing and invigorating beverage. Packaged conveniently for individual servings or to share, these larger bottles offer a versatile option for relishing Minute Maid's Watermelon Punch, whether enjoyed at home, picnics, or outdoor gatherings. With this 6-pack, you'll have a flavorful and satisfying supply of Minute Maid's Watermelon Punch whenever you crave its distinctive taste.

Louisiana Pantry's pack of 6 Minute Maid Watermelon Punch 20-ounce bottles provides a convenient and refreshing beverage choice. Each bottle captures the essence of Minute Maid's unique Watermelon Punch, delivering a burst of fruity goodness in a larger format. Whether you're seeking a new flavor experience, stocking up for personal enjoyment, or planning for smaller gatherings, this pack ensures you're well-equipped with the delightful and invigorating Watermelon Punch from Minute Maid.