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Mrs Dash Complete Salt Free Seasoning Blends Variety Pack - 14 Flavors
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Mrs Dash Complete Salt Free Seasoning Blends Variety Pack - 14 Flavors


The Mrs. Dash Complete Salt-Free Seasoning Blends Variety Pack is a comprehensive collection of 14 flavors, each offering a unique blend of herbs and spices to elevate your culinary creations without the need for added salt. This diverse assortment includes a range of savory and aromatic blends, allowing you to add depth and flavor to various dishes while catering to different taste preferences. From zesty garlic and herb blends to tangy lemon pepper, these seasoning mixes are meticulously crafted to enhance the taste of your meals without compromising on health-conscious choices.

This variety pack from Mrs. Dash provides an array of options to spice up your cooking routine while maintaining a salt-free approach to seasoning. With 14 distinct flavors to choose from, including classics like Italian Medley and Caribbean Citrus, you have a versatile selection at your fingertips. Perfect for those aiming to reduce sodium intake or seeking a flavorful alternative to traditional seasoning, this variety pack ensures you have a wide range of seasoning blends to explore and elevate the taste of your favorite dishes without sacrificing on flavor.

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