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Oregon Grown Gulf Annual Ryegrass Seed 50lb Bag
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Oregon Grown Gulf Annual Ryegrass Seed 50lb Bag


Annual ryegrass is a highly sought-after grass seed, renowned for its widespread application in lawns worldwide. This versatile cool-season grass thrives in various soil and climate conditions, boasting rapid germination and robust growth rates, making it an invaluable choice for lawn establishment in almost all but the hottest planting zones.

Annual ryegrass serves as an excellent cover grass when paired with slower-growing permanent lawns. Particularly well-suited for short-term seasonal purposes in regions below the transition zone, it excels at transforming new grass areas into lush green spaces. In warmer climates, ryegrass lawns may necessitate additional care, such as watering, fertilization, and more frequent mowing.

Annual ryegrass primarily functions as a cool-season grass, typically employed as a temporary planting method to overseed warm or cool-season grasses. Its applications are diverse, ranging from providing temporary erosion control to short-term usage in reclamation projects, parks, newly established lawns, and alongside highways. It can also be combined with other grass mixtures, legumes, clovers, and small grains. Notably, annual ryegrass germinates rapidly, exhibits swift growth, and demands moderate to low levels of fertilization.

Recommended Usage:

  • Cool-season turf
  • Slower-growing permanent lawns
  • Temporary areas in need of grass cover
  • Parks
  • New lawn installations
  • Along highways

Recommended Seeding Rate:

5-10 pounds per 1,000 square feet