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RC Cola 20 oz 24 Pack Bottles
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RC Cola 20 oz 24 Pack Bottles


Rich in both history and flavor, RC Cola has remained one of the original American colas since 1905. RC Cola embodies individuality and distinguishes itself from other cola brands with its unique, crisp taste that satisfies with every sip.

This 20 fluid ounce bottle is the perfect size to take on the go and enjoy the clean, sparkling refreshment of RC Cola wherever you happen to be. Whether you're savoring this beverage on its own or enjoying it with your favorite snack (we recommend Moon Pies), RC Cola is sure to satisfy with every sip.

Created by a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia in 1905, RC Cola has remained a popular southern drink and is sold in over 67 countries. With a rich taste and low sodium content, RC Cola satisfies both your taste buds and your lifestyle needs.