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Ring Pop Candy Gummies Bulk, 1120 Count
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Ring Pop Candy Gummies Bulk, 1120 Count

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Ring Pop® Gummies Rings are a draw to your bulk bins. Ring Pops are the king of wearable candy, and gummy Ring Pops are worthy heirs to the throne. Blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, and cherry flavors add variety to bulk offerings. Fashionable gummies are great for party favors, concession sales, and candy table offerings. Assorted colors and flavors make them ideal for rainbow party themes.

Chewy, fruity Ring Pop Gummies Rings will please your customers with their delicious fruity taste and colorful appearance. These gummy rings come in an array of flavors including blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and cherry so you can be sure that there are plenty of options available for your customers who may be looking for something other than just a traditional flavor such as chocolate or vanilla! The fun shapes that these gummies come in make them perfect for parties or any event where kids will be present for snacks or even just as a fun treat at home! They're also great if you're planning on having some sort of event where you need to serve food like concessions at an event like a birthday party or company picnic!

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