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Southern City Flavors - Pepper Gravy Mix 9oz
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Southern City Flavors - Pepper Gravy Mix 9oz


If you're looking to bring a little piece of the South to your table, Southern City Flavors' Saw Mill Pepper Gravy Mix is just what you need. Whether it's for breakfast on top of biscuits, for lunch as a dipping sauce, or for dinner on top of country fried chicken, this Mix is a great addition to any meal.

With only 3 steps—boil water, whisk in the Mix, and simmer until thickened—and no artificial colors or flavors, you'll be able to add this flavor-packed mix to your kitchen in a flash! Plus, it only takes 5 minutes from start to finish.

And don't worry about not having enough to go around—we've put over 15 servings in every package!

Order your Southern City Flavor's Saw Mill Pepper Gravy Mix today!