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Squirt Citrus Soda 24 Pack 12 oz Cans
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Squirt Citrus Soda 24 Pack 12 oz Cans


Just because you're not drinking coffee doesn't mean you can't enjoy the refreshing, citrus taste of Squirt.

Squirt is a light, refreshing and fun soda with natural citrus flavors that's perfect for any time of day. It's also caffeine-free, so it's the ideal drink for your favorite cocktail or just as a thirst quencher.

Mix Squirt with tequila and lime for a refreshing and unique Paloma cocktail, or add it to your next gin and tonic to make it really sing. Or just enjoy it straight up!

Created in Phoenix, Arizona, Squirt requires less fruit and sugar than other sodas and has been a favorite since 1938.