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Squirt Soda - 30pk 7.5oz Mini Cans
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Squirt Soda - 30pk 7.5oz Mini Cans


It's time to say goodbye to those boring ol' sodas and hello to the most thirst-quenching drink since 1938.

Squirt is a light, refreshing, and fun soda with natural citrus flavors. It's deliciously refreshing and has a crisp grapefruit taste that keeps you coming back for more.

Squirt is caffeine-free which makes it the perfect drink to enjoy any time of day. It's great on its own or mixed with tequila and lime for a refreshing Paloma cocktail—the perfect mix of sweet and sour!

This naturally flavored soda was created in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a favorite since 1938. It requires less fruit and sugar than other sodas which means you can enjoy the delicious flavor without worrying about calories or sugar overload.