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Tabasco® Green Pepper Hot Sauce Mini 1/8 Fl Oz
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Tabasco® Green Pepper Hot Sauce Mini 1/8 Fl Oz


If you're looking for a way to add some spice to your life, look no further than TABASCO® Green Pepper Hot Sauce!

This petite .125 oz. bottle of hot sauce is perfect for portion control in the front of the house. It's also great for room service or restaurant take-out—customers will love the look of this single serving mini bottle!

One of the best parts about TABASCO® green pepper hot sauce is its versatility: just a few drops can enhance sandwiches, soups, chicken and burgers. In fact, it also acts as the perfect secret ingredient to make your signature sauces, marinades and glazes even better! Try adding this hot sauce to Bloody Marys, eggs or creamy hollandaise sauce for brunch offerings. No matter how you use it, the hot, peppery flavor makes an excellent addition to any meal.

TABASCO® brand has been around since 1868 and is recognized as one of America's favorite brands!