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Tony Chachere's Supreme Crab Boil 32 oz
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Tony Chachere's Supreme Crab Boil 32 oz


We're not sure, but we think Tony Chachere might be a magician.

That's the only explanation we can come up with for how he manages to deliver such a powerful blend of spices in such a small package.

With just one 32 oz. container of our Supreme Crab boil, you can season 25 lbs. of crawfish, 30 lbs. of shrimp, or 4 dozen crab, and still have some left over for your next feast!

So if you're planning on feeding 25 people at your next crawfish boil, 30 people at your next shrimp boil, or 48 people at your next crab boil… well, let's just say you might want to make sure they all get along first before they find out how much food you've got planned.